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Guided by a love for nature and the enthusiasm of two friends, Bobica was born in 2010. Love and nature had joined each other in healthy fruits, and a dream became a reality! At that time the superfood trend had just begun and we knew the value of our golden granary and what quality the Slavonia region could bring! Eight years ago, we were among the first in the country to plant aronia orchards in unspoiled nature that was spared from heavy industry, traffic and pollution. In the year 2014, we decided to place the naturally grown products under the umbrella of ecological breeding and we received the ECO certificate. From the very beginning, high standards were set and we decided that everything that would fall under the Bobica brand must be PREMIUM quality.

Eight years later and our company’s products can be found in homes from South Korea to North America. We received the prestigious ‘Amazon’s Choice’ award. And not by chance! We all know the story of how plants blossom when speaking or playing pleasant music to them. Bobica presents us with an amalgamation of all the love, knowledge, experience and positive energy that our sincere health lovers brought to our products.

We are deeply convinced that the superfood we are dealing with is not just about vitamins and minerals and their recognised properties. The secret is in its entirety and even though much has yet to be explored, we do know how much good it does to our body, especially if it is grown in a natural way. We want to contribute to raising the quality of nutrition, whilst keeping farming compatible with the principles of sustainable development and a positive environmental impact!

We are among the few in the world that have brought innovative products such as placing lavender flowers into capsules and combining natural rose hip and acerola with all the values of complete food. The future brings new innovative solutions because that is what Bobica is. Especially for our customers!


Have you ever wondered what makes PREMIUM products vastly different from conventional products? The first thing that springs to mind is better quality raw ingredients but even when it comes to the very top products, there are those which stand out from the rest! The subtle difference lies in the sincere desire for the consumers of our products to get what is best, leaving no room for thought. Our products have become a favourite choice as we have remained true to our principles, strictly adhering to established ECO and BIO standards, as well as upholding manufacturing process specifications along with our long-term experience.

All Bobica PREMIUM products derive from ecological production and possess the relevant ECO certificates. The products are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, raw food consumers, and for those who do not consume meat for religious or moral reasons.

The products are gluten-free; they do not contain added sugar nor are they genetically modified.

PREMIUM dietary supplements


We strongly support the right of consumers to have access to information depicting the full content of our products, and we have taken a step further in terms of business – learn about Bobica’s dietary supplements to the very last detail. We believe in complete solutions and therefore Bobica PREMIUM products must be PREMIUM in each segment.


Product effectiveness depends on the amount of active substances. In different plants, they are sometimes found in the whole plant or in one or more of its parts. Apart from the careful selection of the most biologically active part of a plant, quality also depends on geological location, the type of cultivation, harvesting and processing. By taking into account all of the aforementioned factors the result is a PREMIUM substance that provides the utmost that one plant can offer.

PREMIUM capsules


Dietary supplements are packed exclusively in Vcaps® vegetable capsules of exceptional quality, made by the renowned French manufacturer Capsugel®.

Due to their method of production and herbal composition, they enter the category of the highest quality capsules in the world. Vcaps® Vegetable Capsules are suitable for people who do not consume animal products due to religious or cultural beliefs, and have KO and OU kosher certificates which are issued by the International Vegetarian Association and the International Vegan Association. In addition, the capsules have been certified GMO-free nor do they contain preservatives or gluten. By adhering to norms and outlining the full product content, our capsules fall under the so-called clean label products category, which is a standard that only 30% of market products reach.

We believe that by respecting each other’s differences, we contribute to the quality of our own life, and by choosing products that are positive for the environment we also contribute to preserving our very own existence.


The encapsulation process goes through an 8 stage technological procedure as well as 4 additional control stages to ensure maximum quality of the product itself. Though last, this is an extremely important stage in the preparation of the final product and in the preservation of valuable ingredients as well as the active components of the plant.

The amount of the filling

Bobica capsules have anywhere from 10% to 25% more filling per capsule than the usual dietary supplements on the market, based on a complete solution. 

PREMIUM powders


Are you familiar with that feeling when you fall in love at first glance and that love lasts forever? If you aren’t yet or wish to experience it once again, then Bobica PREMIUM Powder is the right choice for you! Our products are unique by their scent, texture and taste, and especially in terms of nutritional value, which results in them being significantly noticeable in comparison to similar products on the market.

Growing plants

The quality we offer is a result of many years of development, continuous investing in education and the application of the most up-to-date methods in plant cultivation and processing. We are proud of the application of unique methods which have been perfected through years of work, and the result is the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Drying of the plants

The drying process takes place in several stages under strictly controlled conditions and is carefully computer monitored by variables relating to the drying time, the moisture content during the drying time as well as the ratio between dry and wet matter in the plant itself.

At the end of the drying process, only 6-7% of moisture remains, which is extremely important! In this way the powder is more concentrated, the possibility of bonding the particles is negligible and the possibility of potential decay is considerably reduced. Due to the low temperature, the drying process is longer and the nutrient elements in the plants remain carefully preserved.

Mulching of the plants

Bobica PREMIUM powders fall into the category of the finest ground powders in the world with a grain size between 150 and 200 microns, which are already considered a powder. Smaller granules result in a more active surface of the substance and better utilisation of the powder, along with the many other advantages such as simpler dissolvement in water. The whole process takes place under strictly controlled conditions.

PREMIUM Doypack ZIP bags for PREMIUM powders

Doypack ZIP bags are made of the finest smart active materials. Each layer of the bag is carefully selected to provide the highest possible protection for the product packaged within. It prolongs the freshness, taste and scent of the ECO, BIO and organic food products, and thanks to the ZIP closure, all features remain preserved even after the opening of the product. Doypack ZIP bags possess both organic and Halal certificates.



The human body has a fascinating structure – everything is in perfect balance. Such a balance can be found everywhere in nature, and also in food that is our source of nutrients and energy. Balanced and varied nutrition is the foundation of health since it is only in this way that the body can get everything it needs.

Through the development of science, numerous positive effects of vitamins, minerals and other valuable ingredients have been discovered. Our products are the result of the belief that the plant as a whole is the best source of nutrients that is lacking in a diet, whilst simultaneously preserving the required balance.

Get to know the plants that make up the base of our products and what makes them so special as to enter the superfood category.